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"I was having a wrist pain for almost 2 months and it was not getting much better so it was hard for me to be able to carry weights and do certain tasks. but after the physio session, it got better and am happy with their service"   

                                                                                 --- Jamie Voon, Gym Goer

"I enjoyed the physiotherapy service in Crucial Rehab, because they are professional and friendly. I did a treatment with them lately and i had a quick relief and recovery for my neckache! Some of them might look small in size, but they are kecil-kecil cili padi!"                                         

                                                                                                   --- Bernard Ow, Office Dweller

"I had great experiences at Crucial Rehab, been a returning client since last year. The physiotherapist are all friendly and also professional. My back was in a lot of pain and they've helped me relieved the muscle tension, and even taught me how to exercise correctly to the way of my recovery. Recommend recommend!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           --- Chin Cheng, Freelancer

"I was in an accident before Christmas last year. I started my session at Crucial Rehab in May. I am halfway through my treatments to increase my mobility and strength in my elbow joint. My moblility and strength have increased markedly, and the pain is much more manageable. The team is very friendly and explained the whole procedure professionally. Well targeted treatment and exercises are tailored according to progress for a good recovery."

                                                                                                      --- Yap Zuoo Yinn, Post Operation Case

Thanks to Crucial Rehab for solving my long term nerve problem. Always follow up on my progress, given lots of guidance and advices to ensure my health improved. Very professional and i have suggested their services to my family as well. Extremely satisfied with their service."   

                                                                              --- Thilagaa Dorasamy, Office Worker

"Crucial Rehab helped me in adjusting and improving my body posture. During the treatment, They do teach me and guide me on how my body posture suppose to be in the right way. They do concern on my own situation and provided a good plan of practices which are suitable for me."

                                                                                                          -- Choo Mun Yan, Scoliosis case

"Whenever i get "back pain", "knee pain", "hip pain" - doctor: you need to stop squatting, you lifting too heavy, you're going to break yourself; Crucial Rehab: "fixes you", you're good to go BUT be careful!

Crucial Rehab thank you for allowing me to train pain-free, to compete in top body condition and being my coolest and most efficient doctor, especially Chris who has been so patient to listen to my grandmother's stories while treating me. Crucial Rehab a day keeps the "doctors" away."               

                                                                                                             --- Crystal Teng, Powerlifter

"I suffered glute pain and went to see Crucial Rehab PJ, as recommened by my coach. First visit, Wanli did loads of assessment to find out what is the casue/root problem. She did release tight knots and also did dry needling. Visits by visits the pain started to fade then MCO came. Its a blessing in disguise as i have more time to rest and do the mobility exercise recommended by Wanli. Mostly bodyweights workout i did had  no sign of pain. The day gym reopen, i have squat/deadlift with no pain. The mobility and advices from Wanli paid off. Its hard at first when i can/t do exercise and can only just rest and strengthen my glutes. But to recover takes sacrifices and time. I want to thank Wanli for the treatment andnthe advices through out this injury period.


I myself at first don't tink that i would need to see a physio, don't need to wait for an injury, its for long term health also. I suggest if you have nagging pain, you should see one. You can visit Crucial Rehab thats near you, they also have packages so it can save up your money. In the end, you'll get value in return!" 

                                                                                                                             --- Ahmad Zaki, Recreational Powerlifter

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